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"I've worked for some strange outfits in my day. This place beats them all." - Walker [1]

The Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, located near Bozeman, Montana, was founded by James Dutton at the end of the nineteenth century and is owned by his family. A century later it is run by John Dutton, one of his descendants. He has to protect his homestead as real estate developer Dan Jenkins, of Paradise Valley, and Thomas Rainwater, the new chief of the nearby Broken Rock Reservation, among others, try to take his land bit by bit.

Leading men[]

As the owner of the ranch John Dutton plays an important part in leading the ranch hands. Lee played a big part in it as well [2], but after his passing it was mainly Rip Wheeler who led the men in their work. After coming back to the ranch, Kayce took over as foreman. [3]

Former leaders and owners of the ranch are James Dutton, its founder, and John Dutton Sr., one of his descendants.

Ranch hands[]

Ranch hands can be divided into two categories: [2]

  • Hands who are part of the family or come by the job honest and deserve it;
  • Hands who get a second chance after messing up in one way or another.

The ones that belong to the latter category are to be sure that they are willing to take their last chance, as they have to take a branding iron to the chest and will be marked with the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch brand for the rest of their lives. Getting branded, therefore, means they're in it for the long haul, but it also means they have to do all the violent, dirty work.

Branded hands[]

Other hands[]