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The Monroes was a TV-series of 1 season that ran from 1966 to 1967.


After the drowning deaths of their parents in the rapids of the Snake River, 18 year old Clayt Monroe and 16 year old Kathy Monroe struggle to raise their three younger siblings in the Wyoming Territory of the 1870's on land their father staked out years before. - Source: TVRage.com


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Listed below are the show's stars and recurring co-stars. They are named along with the name of the character they played on the show, as well as the number of appearances and the times they were credited.


Actor/actress Character App. Cred.
Michael Anderson, Jr. Clayt Monroe 26 26
Clayt Monroe.png
Barbara Hershey Kathy 25 26
Keith Schultz Big Twin 26 26
Big Twin.png
Kevin Schultz Little Twin 26 26
Little Twin.png
Tammy Locke Amy 26 26
The Monroes - Amy.png

Also starring[]

Actor/actress Character App. Cred.
Ron Soble Jim 16 26
Liam Sullivan Major Mapoy 12 26
Major Mapoy.png


The following actors had a recurring role in which they starred next to the main cast members:

Actor/actress Character App. Cred.
Ben Johnson Sleeve 12 12
Jim Westmoreland Ruel Jaxon 12 12
Ruel Jaxon.png

Guest Stars[]

In several episodes Monroe family members met characters that were portrayed by stars of the acting business. Robert Middleton, for example, was a recurring guest star, making a total of 4 appearances as Barney Wales. To see in which episodes he and other guest stars appeared check out the episode listing below.


Season 1[]

No. Name Air date Guest Star(s)
1 The Intruders September 7, 1966
The Intruders.png
2 Night of the Wolf September 14, 1966
Night of the Wolf.png
3 Ride with Terror September 21, 1966
Ride with Terror.png
Jeanne Cooper,
James Stacy,
Claude Akins
4 Forest Devil September 28, 1966
Forest Devil.png
Warren Oates
5 Wild Dog of the Tetons October 5, 1966
Wild Dog of the Tetons.png
Albert Salmi
6 Incident at the Hanging Tree October 12, 1966
Incident at the Hanging Tree.png
Robert Middleton
7 Ordeal by Hope October 19, 1966
Ordeal by Hope.png
8 The Hunter October 26, 1966
The Hunter.png
James Whitmore
9 War Arrow November 2, 1966
War Arrow.png
10 The Friendly Enemy November 9, 1966
The Friendly Enemy.png
Harry Townes
11 Court Martial November 16, 1966
Court Martial.png
Robert Fuller
12 Silent Night, Deadly Night November 23, 1966
Silent Night, Deadly Night.png
Robert Middleton
13 Lost in the Wilderness November 30, 1966
Lost in the Wilderness.png
Noah Beery
14 Gold Fever December 14, 1966
The Monroes - Gold Fever.png
Dan Duryea
15 Range War December 21, 1966
Range War.png
Robert Middleton
16 Pawnee Warrior December 28, 1966
Pawnee Warrior.png
Alejandro Rey
17 Mark of Death January 4, 1967
Mark of Death.png
Robert Middleton,
Mario Alcalde
18 To Break a Colt January 11, 1967
To Break a Colt.png
19 Race for a Rainbow January 18, 1967
Race for a Rainbow.png
20 Gun Bound January 25, 1967
Gun Bound.png
John Dehner,
Nick Adams
21 Killer Cougar February 1, 1967
Killer Cougar.png
Robert Walker
22 Wild Bull February 15, 1967
Wild Bull.png
Jeffrey Hunter
23 Trapped February 22, 1967
24 Manhunt March 1, 1967
Robert Lansing
25 Teach the Tigers to Purr March 8, 1967
Teach the Tigers to Purr.png
Ronny Howard
26 The Ghosts of Paradox March 15, 1967
The Ghosts of Paradox.png
Michael Dunn