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Ride with Terror is the third episode of the first and only season of The Monroes. It first aired on September 21, 1966.


On their way into Paradox, Clayt meets an old friend from Illinois. He invites his friend to go with his family to Green River City where they plan to file their deed. After a woman in Paradox asks Clayt to deliver her wagon of "junk," Clayt finds his family in danger when he discovers the delivery is a worth a lot more than he was told. - Source: IMDb.com



Also Starring[]


  • Peter Leeds as Cobb
  • Michael Ragan as Luke

Special Guest Stars[]

  • Jeanne Cooper as Mae Duvall
  • James Stacy as Perry Hutchins

Guest Star[]

  • Claude Akins as Bud Chapel

Crew (and other credits)[]

Closing Credits[]

  • Directed by: Earl Bellamy
  • Written by: Penrod Smith
  • Produced by: Al C. Ward
  • Executive Producer: Frederick Brogger
  • A Qualis Production | In Association With: Twentieth Century-Fox Television
  • Associate Producer: Fred Hamilton
  • Assistants to the Producer: Mel Epstein and Ray Kellogg
  • Series Consultant: Otis Carney
  • Series Created by: Milt Rosen
  • Music: Robert Drasnin
  • Music Supervision: Lionel Newman
  • Theme: David Rose
  • Production Supervisor: Jack Sonntag
  • Unit Production Manager: Dink Templeton
  • Assistant Director: Max Stein
  • Director of Photography: Monroe Askins
  • Art Directors: Jack Martin Smith and Carl Macauley
  • Film Editor: Bill Mosher
  • Post Production Coordinator: Robert Mintz
  • Story Editor: Calvin Clements, Jr.
  • Set Decorators: Walter M. Scott, Bert Allen
  • Supervising Music Editor: Leonard A. Engel
  • Music Editor: Kenneth Runyon
  • Supervising Sound Effects Editor: Ralph B. Hickey
  • Sound Effects Editor: Edward Rossi
  • Makeup Supervision: Ben Nye
  • Hair Styling Supervision: Margaret Donovan
  • Associate Producer and Executive Story Consultant: Frank Paris

"The Producers wish to express their appreciation for the cooperation of:

  • U.S. Department of Interior
  • Grand Teton National Park
  • National Forest Service
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture"
  • Color by: De Luxe
  • William Self in charge of Production for Twentieth Century-Fox Television, Inc.