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The first season of Rawhide had 23 episodes and ran from January 9 to July 10, 1959.


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Character Portrayed by App. Cred.
Gil Favor Eric Fleming 23 23
Eric Fleming.png
Rowdy Yates Clint Eastwood 23 23
Rowdy Yates.png
Sheb Wooley Pete Nolan 23 23
Sheb Wooley.jpg
Wishbone Paul Brinegar 23 23
Paul Brinegar.jpg
James Murdock Mushy 23 23
Steve Raines Jim Quince 23 23
Steve Raines.jpg
Rocky Shahan Joe Scarlet 23 23
Rocky Shahan.jpg

Guest Stars[]

See the episode list below for guest stars that appeared during this season.



Name Credits
Jesse Hibbs 5
Andrew V. McLaglen 4
Charles Marquis Warren 3
Ted Post 3
Richard Whorf 2
George Sherman 2
Jack Arnold 2
Buzz Kulik 1
Stuart Heisler 1


Writers of the first seasons's episodes (of both story and/or teleplay) are listed below.

Name Credits
Fred Freiberger 3
David Lang 3
Buckley Angell 3
Herbert Little, Jr. 2
David Victor 2
Curtis Kenyon 1
David Swift 1
James Edmiston 1
Les Crutchfield 1
Oliver Crawford 1
Endre Bohem 1
Al C, Ward 1
N. B. Stone, Jr. 1
Earl Baldwin 1
Samuel A. Peeples 1
Winston Miller 1
Herbert Purdum 1
John Dunkel 1
Lawrence L. Goldman 1
Jan Winters 1


Name Credits
Charles Marquis Warren 23


No. Name Air date Guest star
1 Incident of the Tumbleweed January 9, 1959
Incident of the Tumbleweed.png
Terry Moore
2 Incident at Alabaster Plain January 16, 1959
Incident at Alabaster Plain.png
Mark Richman
3 Incident with an Executioner January 23, 1959
Incident with an Executioner.png
Dan Duryea
4 Incident of the Widowed Dove January 30, 1959
Incident of the Widowed Dove.png
Sally Forrest
5 Incident on the Edge of Madness February 6, 1959
Incident on the Edge of Madness.png
Lon Chaney
6 Incident of the Power and the Plow February 13, 1959
Incident of the Power and the Plow.png
Brian Donlevy
7 Incident at Barker Springs February 20, 1959
Incident at Barker Springs.png
8 Incident West of Lano February 27, 1959
Incident West of Lano.png
Martha Hyer
9 Incident of the Town in Terror March 6, 1959
Incident of the Town in Terror.png
Margaret O'Brien
10 Incident of the Golden Calf March 13, 1959
Incident of the Golden Calf.png
Macdonald Carey
11 Incident of the Coyote Weed March 20, 1959
Incident of the Coyote Weed.png
Rick Jason
12 Incident of the Chubasco April 3, 1959
Incident of the Chubasco.png
George Brent
13 Incident of the Curious Street April 10, 1959
Incident of the Curious Street.png
Mercedes McCambridge
14 Incident of the Dog Days April 17, 1959
Incident of the Dog Days.png
Don Dubbins
15 Incident of the Calico Gun April 24, 1959
Incident of the Calico Gun.png
Jack Lord
16 Incident of the Misplaced Indians May 1, 1959
Incident of the Misplaced Indians.png
Kim Hunter
17 Incident of Fear in the Streets May 8, 1959
Incident of Fear in the Streets.png
Gary Merrill
18 Incident Below the Brazos May 15, 1959
Incident Below the Brazos.png
Leslie Nielsen
19 Incident of the Dry Drive May 22, 1959
Incident of the Dry Drive.png
Victor Jory
20 Incident of the Judas Trap June 5, 1959
Incident of the Judas Trap.png
Nina Foch
21 Incident in No Man's Land June 12, 1959
Incident in No Man's Land.png
Brian Keith
22 Incident of a Burst of Evil June 26, 1959
Incident of a Burst of Evil.png
Linda Cristal
23 Incident of the Roman Candles July 10, 1959
Incident of the Roman Candles.png
Richard Eyer

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