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James Dillard "J.D." Dutton is an 1883 and Yellowstone character, played by Tim McGraw. He is a homesteader aiming to make a living in Montana with his wife Margaret after leaving a life of poverty behind to look for a better future.

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Personal life[]


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James and his wife Margaret were farmers in Tennessee. When they set off for their journey northward they had two children: Elsa and John. John likely is the father or grandfather of John Dutton Sr., who went on to become the father of John Dutton. The latter runs the ranch in the early twenty-first century.

James had a sister, Claire, and a niece, Mary Abel, Claire's daughter. Both of them were about to take the journey norhtward with James and his family but Mary Abel was killed by rebelling men that visited their camp and Claire killed herself after the incident. [1] Her husband, Henry, had recently died as well. [2]

After they left their Tennessee home behind James and Margaret had another son, named Spencer.

Military service[]

Confederate States Army[]

James was an captain in the Confederate States Army during the Civil War. He took part in the Battle of Antietam and was afterwards held in a Union prisoner-of-war camp for three years. Later in life he suffered from a bad case of PTSD and never spoke of his experiences during the war.



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Season 1[]

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Season 4[]




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