Incident of the Tumbleweed (A.K.A. Incident of the Tumbleweed Wagon) is the first episode of the first season of Rawhide. It first aired on January 9, 1959. 


Trail Boss Gil Favor and chief assistant Rowdy Yates share camp with lawmen who are taking prisoners to their trials. When a break for freedom fails, Gil and Rowdy are saddled with the task of bringing the outlaws to justice. - CBS DVD



  • Gil Favor (opening): "It’s not the roundin’ up and the ropin’ and the brandin’ of the cattle that’s the big problem for the ranchers, it’s gettin’ ‘em to market: 1500 bone-weary miles, from the southern tip of Texas to the railhead at Sedalia. That’s where I come in. Gil Favor’s my name, trail boss."
  • Wishbone, to Mushy: "You are the only one I know can make a chow bell whisper."
  • Jim Quince, after noticing the beautiful Dallas is one of the prisoners: "O, mama, tell me: how do I get throwed in jail?!"
  • Favor, to Rowdy: "You never saw a woman in trouble yet you haven’t fallen for."
  • Favor: "Nobody wants to die. A man just does what he feels is right."



Character Portrayed by
Gil Favor Eric Fleming
Eric Fleming
Rowdy Yates Clint Eastwood
Rowdy Yates

Special Guest StarEdit

Character Portrayed by
Dallas Terry Moore


Character Portrayed by
Pete Nolan Sheb Wooley
Sheb Wooley
Wishbone Paul Brinegar
Paul Brinegar
Mushy James Murdock
Jim Quince Steve Raines
Steve Raines
Joe Scarlet Rocky Shahan
Rocky Shahan

Supporting CastEdit

Character Portrayed by
Lennie Dawson John Larch
Lennie Dawson
Sinclair Tom Conway
Wilt Jackson Frank Wilcox
Wilt Jackson
Matt Hays Maurice Manson
Matt Hays
Luke Storm Val Dufour
Luke Storm
Norm Morton David Whorf
Norm Morton
Art Gray Bob Steele
Art Gray
Jed Ryan Bill Hale
Jed Ryan
Virgo John War Eagle

Crew (and other credits)Edit

Closing creditsEdit

"Filmed at Universal-International Studios | A CBS Television Network production"